House history
The history of our house « La Maison des Chevaliers » # 8 rue Housse Galant, was the house of Jean Diotte de Maillou.

La Maison Diotte de Maillou 15th/16th/19th centuries

Jean Diotte de Maillou* remains this house’s most prestigious and notable owner. Whilst the King’s Public Prosecutor of Loudun, around the 1730’s, he was central to the
massive restoration and updating of this old 15th/16th century house. He was a man of extremely high public and military status. And as : a Member of Parliament; the King’s Public Prosecutor, based at the “Grenier à sel” in Loudun and the Commander in Chief of Loudun from 1762 until his death in July 1773, he was in a position of influence and power.02 tour
It was subject to his decisions that much change was made within this house.

Some notable external features that are representative of time and change in this house are :
  • A sundial that forms an integral part of the restored façade which overlooks the garden; bears the date of 1663.
  • The tower with its little columns. This window has a wooden mullion as its high focal point. And as such, the window remains in its original state.
  • The spiral staircase which gives access to the upper floors and the apartment.

Later architectural influence and modification is evidenced by:
03 entree
  • The other entrances on the same façade as that of the spiral staircase were replaced in the 19th century.
  • The window frames of the two west windows. These retain their cross-type notches; typical of the regional architecture of the 17th century; as reflected in the buildings of : Richelieu’s Rue Centrale, Oiron’s Castle and the Orangery at Thouars Castle.

The house’s interior was also subject to massive change during the 19th and 20th century.

 When we came here in 2003, the house was in a state of general poor repair. We lovingly cleaned and restored it, mainly all the interior; hoping that in so doing, we heritage, for the benefit of both our family and our visitors.

( * = sources “Histoire des rues de Loudun”)