Places to visit Anjou
The Chateaux of Anjou Loire Valley are also within easy distance :

Anjou prossesses numerous prestigious castles at the heart of cities or at family properties. Beginning with the Plantagenets, British connections abound in Anjou Loire Valley.
For a panoramic view over Angers, capital of Anjou, take a walk along the ramparts of France’s larges fortified castle.

tapisserie apocalypseDiscover one of the best preseved medieval fortresses in France. Angers castle with its emblematic 800m of castellated enclosure looks as if it is a natural extension of the rocky promontory sitting high above the river Maine. Inside is an even greater treasure ; the literally monumental Apocalypse Tapestry. At 103m in length, it is the largest woven work of medieval times. This unique masterpiece illustrates the historical, social and political context of the 14th century in France – the time of the Hundred year War, plague and famine.

The still lived-in Château de Serrant was once owned by the Walsh family, of Irish origin, who supported the exiled King James II of England. Follow in more recent royal footsteps as you visit castles admired by the late Queen Mother ! Montgeoffroy and France’s tallest castle Brissac boast splendid interiors. You may recognise the striking Plessis-Bourré from famous films.

The Château of Saumur, château-palace of the Dukes of Anjou in the 14th and 15th centuries, is the only Prince’s palace from the end of the middleages that remains in France today. At the belvedere is an exceptional view of the Loire, the town and surrounding areas.

The Château de Brèzé has the deepest dry moat anywhere in France, revealing the largest subterranean castle in Europe. Brèzé castle is only half an hour’s drive from Loudun, it is also famous for its excellent wine.

In the area you can explore many different Museums, here is a few :
  • Angers Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des Beaux-arts) the museum offers two permanent exhibitions : the « Beaux-arts du XIVe au XXIe siècle » (fine art from the 14th – 21st Century, paintings and sculptures) and « Histoire d’Angers »

  • david AngersDavid d’Angers Gallery (Galerie David d’Angers) Since 1984 the restored abbey-church of All Saints, dating from the 13th Century, has housed the works of David d’Angers (1788-1856) including sculptures, commissioned work (the façade of the Pantheon), a gallery of contemporary busts (Balzac, Hugo, and others) and much more.

  • musee LurcatJean Lurçat and the contemorary Tapestry Museum of Angers. The museum’s collections bring together works of textile art from the 1950s to the contemporary creations. Since 1967, the Hôpital Saint-Jean (12th Century) has housed the « Chant du Monde » by Jean Lurçat is a contemporary echo of the Apocalypse Tapestry.
Permission and photographs were kindly given to us