Things to do
GOLFThere are several golf courses, a 15 minute drive from Loudun, the Golf of Roiffé welcomes you at the heart of the Domaine St Hilaires. This 18-hole course waits for you in a haven of peace in the middle of a park with many centenarians trees.

futuroscope Futuroscope - a futuristic theme Park near Poitiers – only 45 km away provides a 21st century excitement day. Discover the latest attractions of the Park
doue la fontaineThe Zoo at Doué-la-Fontaine, aided by the WWF, is dedicated to the breeding and protection of endangered species, is well worth a visit for adults as well as children. It is uniquely set in a unused stone quarry, providing large open spaces for the animals and excellent viewing for the visitor.
cadre noir
Saumur is the equestrian centre of France. The French National Riding School, is open for visits. You can watch the highly skilled riders at their training sessions. The Cadre Noir has occasional gala evenings and international dressage events throughout the year

le mans
Le Mans is an easy 120 km drive from Loudun. Perhaps you may wish to make a trip to the famous 24 hours races or Le Mans Classic in May, June or July.

For the more adventurous we can help you to arrange hot-air balloon trips. Realize your dream ; a flight in Anjou over the Loire, a flight over Poitou or in Touraine over the beautiful park and citée of Richelieu … there is a wide selection of presentation.
Blindes Saumur
Saumur, « Musée des Blindes »
Born in 1977 the CDEB enriched its collection to the height of some 800 objects (tanks, transports of troops, artillery vehicles, engineering, ...) of which more than 200 are presented to the public.
All of these materials are the world’s largest collection of armored vehicles, both in terms of the number of missiles and the continuing historical overview since the tank’s appearance on the battlefield.
It can be seen, with few exceptions, all the prototypes tested and armored vehicles served by the French armies since 1917.
Wineyards and Wines

carte vin de Loire

CAVE1At the end of the 19th century, extraction of the "tuffeau" limestone - which had been used for building many beautiful monuments in France and Europe - drew to an end. These immense quarries, that were dug up for 10 centuries have therefore given birth to the castles, abbeys, monuments & cities of the Loire Valley.
It is said that this tuffeau limestone may have also helped construct the Westminster Royal Abbey's foundation, in London.

Gratien MeyerAs one of the major wine producing areas of France, the Loire Valley vineyards offers wine of all types and colours, from the sparkling Saumur to the reds of Bourgueil, Chinon and Saumur, Also the whites of Anjou, Saumur and Vouvray.
Of course there are hundreds of vineyards, many of which are open for you to visit. Enjoy tasting the different kinds of wine, and be sure to buy your favorite one as a souvenir !
We will gladly discuss your preferences and can arrange private wine tastings at local wine growers caves.